has a Strict Zero Landfill Policy

We take our environmental commitment seriously, through our parent company GRC Wireless (EPA SITE ID # FLR000177725) has established a socially responsible, zero landfill environmental policy. Our policies are highlighted by the following:

  • ZERO LANDFILL FOR ALL ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS: No electronic products (handsets, batteries, accessories, boards and components) processed through our recycling facility will be sent to solid waste landfills.
  • FULL COMPLIANCE, FLORIDA HAZARDOUS & UNIVERSAL WASTE REGULATIONS. Site inspection was performed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.Click here for the Florida DEP Compliance Report
  • NO E-WASTE REFINED IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: No wireless e-waste (non-working handsets, batteries, and accessories) will be refined in developing countries. We will make every conceivable effort to ensure that all downstream refining operations meet all applicable environmental regulations.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY RECYCLING: Batteries are processed according to EPA guidelines for the proper disposal and recycling of rechargeable batteries.

Our environmental policies are additionally consistent with the policies set forth by the EPA’s Guidelines for Materials Management, EPA WasteWise Program, and the Basel Action Network.